Cheek Volume Restoration

Skin droopiness is one of the three aspects of facial aging, with the other two being fat loss and fluctuations in skin texture. These aspects of facial aging combined are what make us look older and tired. The system Clarity Medical Spa uses is a broad-spectrum light, which is directed at the skin of the face to stimulate the regeneration of the skin and collagen.

The treatment consists of stimulating the dermis, or the lower layers of the skin, with heat. The treatment can do this while the outer layers of the skin remain unaffected. Restoring lost cheek volume is an important part of helping restore youth to your face. By boosting volume in your cheeks, you will likely notice:

  • Enhanced cheekbone definition
  • A lift to your appearance
  • Softened nasolabial folds
  • Improved jawline definition
  • A reduction in jowls
  • Under eye improvement