Dr. Mittal C. Patel, MD

Dr. Mittal Patel is a Family Practice physician who completed medical residency from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2001 and has been serving San Jose for more than 14 years. She sought further training and became certified in the aesthetic use of Botox , dermal fillers, other aesthetic procedures and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She now has extensive experience in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging treatments including non-invasive cosmetic facial procedures and body contouring .

She also offers a comprehensive, state-of-the-art Age Management Program, focusing on bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy to help patients with symptoms of menopause, andropause, decreased sexual drive, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, etc.

Her medical philosophy is to carefully evaluate each patient’s needs and custom design individualized programs with treatments, products and protocols. This level of detail allows her clients to efficiently, and in short term, optimize their appearance to reveal the best they can be with the use of intelligent choices and sound medical consultation.